Video Link:

Source Code Install Steps:

  • 1. Install VS2010
  • 2. Install XNA Game Studio 4.0
  • 4. [This step is not must] In Windows Explorer, Set all files writable (not readonly)
  • 5. In VS2010, Set Unity Editor as Startup project
  • 6. In VS2010, Launch solution and Play game demo


This project is a combination of game editor and the visual PC game demo DotaX.

This project imports War3 resources, rewrite the new logics, AI, physics, gameplay, UI, storage with the help of game editor, and to be a new visual game(demo now).

The DotaX currently has these features:

  • Rendering pipelines
    • Oct Tree scene manager
    • Lights & 3D shadow map & 2D shadow
    • Tiled map landscape with different heights
    • Game/Game Camera & Camera Frustum Filter
  • IO
    • Serialize/Deserialize game scene to/from hard disk
    • Custom IO file format supported, with suffix .dotaX and .prefab
    • Custom Model and Animation supported
  • Game scene
    • Integrate with XNA editor
    • Dynamically edit attributes directly in xna editor
    • Fast search tree node
  • AI
    • FSM & HFSM
    • Grid based , Two direction, A* path finding
  • Physics Pipeline
    • Grid based physcis, each object has one square physics body
    • Grid based physics resolve solution
  • Gameplay
  • UI & Fonts
  • 3D Sound

The xna editor currently has these features:

  • Support C# as script language.
  • Custom menu, search menu control, etc.
  • Dynamic layout, supported by AvanlonDock component (including saving load features)
  • Project control supporting view files like explorer
  • Hierarchy control, supporting editing GameScene object, in .zip file format.
  • Inspect control, supporting Run-time class serialization/deserialization
  • Drag and drop features in the same control/between different controls

DotaX Screenshot:

XNA Editor Screenshot:

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